Happy Mother’s Day!!!

May 13, 2007

M …… is  for  the  million  things  she  gave  me ,

O …… means  only  that  she’s  growing  old,

T …… is  for  the  tears  she  shed  to  save  me,

H …… is  for  her  heart  of   purest  gold,

E …… is  for  her  eyes , with  love-light  shining,

R …… means  right , and  right  she’ll  always  be. 

Put  them  all  together , they  spell  ” MOTHER, ”  A  word  that means  the  world  to  me.

——Howard Johnson(c.1915)


Let’s Play a Game

May 8, 2007

For this game your blog will become a popular.

There are six simple steps:

  1. Take the two lists of blogs below these instructions and put them in a post on your blog. The first list of three blogs, Onemanbandwidth, The China Dreamblogue, and Sinotrading, should always remain on the list.

  2. On the second list, put a link to your blog at number 1.

  3. Move each of the other links down one step on the list. The first blog becomes second, the second becomes third, etc.

  4. This means the number 5 link has successfully completed its cycle.

  5. Send your updated list to at least five other people and as many as you want. The more people you send to, the more links you will get. If you have a hundred people you want to send this to, go ahead!

  6. If you want, create a new list of five blogs you think deserve some links. Be kind and include the permanent list as well.

Remember, please don’t change the permanent links or add a number six link. Also, all of the advertising money generated from the permanent links goes to charity. You are free to do as you will with the money you earn from Link It Forward. We will list some places you can go to monetize your site.

Permanent List:


The China Dreamblogue


The Moveable list:

Your blog

four of your friends’ blogs

Now let me start first

Permanent List:


The China Dreambloque


The Moveable list:

Everyone Wants Happy Ending


Gillian’s house




May 4, 2007






Another family

April 13, 2007

Until two years ago I never left my family or live in any dormitory.

2005 was a special year , this year I left from home to Macau to start my college life.

For me Macau was very strange, the dormitory life was also strange at that time. But I have no choice , as a freshman I must live in the school dormitory. Then my “new family” life began……

Our “family” have 5 members who are my roommates.  We from three different cities . Three of us are from Paking, one is from Tientsin, and I comes from Shanghai.

Maybe for we are all extravert after the short introduction and one week’s mix in we became friend.

We always do a lot of fun together.We cooked together,one wash the good ,one cut them,and the others cook it,we always work privity. Sometimes when two of us were bickering the rest of us would  look on with folded armossit by sit out or hit a person when he is down and laughing……

We just like sisters in a family ,we are frolicing , we are happy. For most of us only have one child in each Chinese family,it is too  rarity memory for us.

Thank you for giving me so many happy memories.

So Crowded……

March 18, 2007

Today I went to Zhuhai which is beside Macau.

At about 11:00a.m. I went though a pass from Macau to Zhuhai . There were so many people line up , but the line can go gorward (although it was very slow). It takes me one hour from Macau to Zhuhai.

At about 01:45p.m. I always see there are many people line up. Then I line up the end of the line and wait. Suddenly the frontier examine hall broadcast that their computer cannot work they will adjourn to check all the people.

At first I do not think it will take so long time to return the computer system to normal ,but the fact is ……

There are more and more people coming into the hall and waiting

With the time gone people became impatient . Some of them sit on the balustrade , some of them talking loudly and so on. After one hour the system returned to normal the line became move slowly……two hours and a half later I finally went though a pass and returned Macau.

When I arrived home what I do first is to lie down on my bed I never like my bed so much! 


March 13, 2007

Five days ago,I bought some stocks on stocktrak.

It is our finance homework to train our financial, last four days they all rise but today all of my bought are full~~~~~~

Although  it just virtual training ,all money is not mine, I still feel sad.

The stock market always up and down so quick, I can not catch its speed.

But I will not give up.

Hope I can win at the end of this semester.

There is no I in a team

March 6, 2007

Yesterday I had a class called “Cambridge Bussiness English”.

The professor told us “today we will have a group building excerise,everyone choose a partner.Then one close the eyes and the other one lead his/her partner to 3 or 4 floor to touch something to gass what it is?”

My partner is David who is one of our professors .At the beginning I was afraid if I could not understand his words what can I do? But later I found he is a nice person, he always explained his words patiently. 

There is no I in a team.